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Tuesday, April 1
A friend of mine said sth that he had heard from another friend, that we should all seek to capitalize on our strengths instead of trying overly hard to fill in our flaws. The more I think about it, the more I find myself agreeing with it.

And just so I wonít forget, many thanks to my dentist who gave me a discount and many a good advice on proper oral hygiene (things I shld have learnt from young but was never taught).
For example, never brush your teeth immediately after eating. How many actually knew this? I certainly didnít (Heck, always thought the more the merrier, but perhaps thatís just the Singaporean in me ^ ^)

Archmyst recorded a tale at 1:15 AM

Ever had this feeling, that it was not coming? That whatever you were wishing for, was not going to come?

And yet strings of hope reached out weakly, trying to hold on to the hope thatís slowly fading away.

It sure didnít feel good.

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Woah, I almost forgot about logging today. Talk about really short-termed memory.

Saw a saddening fact today, that the allied forces in Iraq are losing quite a bit of men, both to combat fire and to what I classify as ďsilly stuff that shld not be happening but yet are in compliance to Murphyís lawĒ. Things seem to be going wrong in any way they can: So far we have US missiles shooting down British planes, helicopters kissing the ground after getting too closey with each other, missiles landing in Turkey and hitting innocent schoolbuses, etc.

I honestly wished for the allied forces to stomp their way over the Iraqi military so the war would be over soon. But no, many soldiers (on either side) are dying day by day. Itís averaging 10 plus each day, and thatís scary. Not including those captured too.

It makes me sad to think of the families of those who died in the war, families who stay glued to the tv only to have their hearts skip a beat whenever they hear of new casualities. Families who realized that their dear sons and daughters were no longer coming back. In layman terms, that plain sux.

Iím not a fan of American politics, but the fact that they were prepared to largely shoulder the burden of the war is kind of admirable if not respectable. They are using their money for this darned war (did you know each tomahawk missile costs more than a million? Multiply that by hundreds and uíll see how much they spent), they are placing the lives of their soldiers on the line while other nations proclaim to be on their side and then proceed to just sit back and watch.

Iím not a religious person, but even so, may God bless America.

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