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Layout Commentary_______________
Hi there!
Kazuya Minekura. I really liked the colors of this picture itself, so I just simply edited it with a few things here and there...and there you have it. ^_^ I tried to simplify the parts so that it's easier to use...because it's made with iframes, only IE users will be able to view this page properly.

Installation Instructions___________
Create a new directory in your hard drive and unzip all the files from the layout into the directory. Open up notepad and locate the file named "content.htm". Just write all the content of your site there. As long as you don't remove the credit link on this layout, you may use it freely...whether it be stealing off parts of the layout to make something, or using the whole layout completely. It's all up to you. The menu may be modified by opening up "miracles.htm" and modifying the links I marked there. You may chose to add more bullets for your purposes.

Best Viewing Conditions____________
Internet Explorer 5 or above
800x600 resolution
16-bit coloring or higher