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Welcome to the Tavern!_______________
Hi there!
Are you one of the weary, having come here to seek rest and solace? Or have you simply surfed here cluelessly? It doesn't matter, the Tavern welcomes the young, the old, the restless and the zesty alike. Please take a look around this humble domain of mine.

First time visitors___________
To navigate around, simply click on the buttons below. Hover your cursor over them to see a short description. Since the Tavern is open to all, there will be no guestbook for visitors to sign in (also partly because this innkeeper is poor) If you have any comments, feel free to post them under the Tales section. The innkeeper would also like to apologise for the large amount of pop-ups all over the Tavern, but it's an unfortunate necessity to keep it alive and going.

This innkeeper knows little html and so could not have done this site by himself. This site is made from the layouts and graphics that others have graciously published on the net. To find out who these talented folks are, visit the Credits section.

Best Viewing Conditions____________
Internet Explorer 5 or above
800x600 resolution
16-bit coloring or higher