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Monday, March 24
Howdy all! It's been so long since I last written in here. I guess I'm not a very perservering person when it comes to writing logs, as history so proved. However I've decided to try and spend 15 mins a day just writing about anything in general. Notice the word *try*... I think it's a nice word, for it somehow gives me the excuse to not commit 100%. Now you see why I say I'm not exactly the most perservering man around?

Alot of things have happened lately, and I don't mean the Iraq war. Survived through a few tests recently, and now... am trying to survive yet more tests. Ha, this is the kind of life I lead. But thankfully I'm not in it alone, for many of my friends are going through the same crap. It's study, forget, study again, forget again, study again, get bored, do something else, forget everything, stu... you probably get the idea!

I know I have to put in the work before I can become a good and efficient doctor in the future (and that's what I want to be, not some slipshod anything-will-do guy with a stethoscope on his neck). The whole theory is very clear, but somehow the motivation fails to come. Can anyone please tell me the secrets to staying motivated and driven?

Lately I seemed to be getting a little crazed over a childhood hobby of mine: roleplaying games. Not those in computer games, but those packaged into books that are sold for quite a wallet-burning amount of money. I wonder what's wrong with me, being so entrigued by these things that I've left behind me for quite awhile. I'm sure people who know this will surely go, "Are you nuts, spending all that money on these books?" And you know, they're probably right. I'll probably never get to use majority of these books. I'll probably never get to play much (if at all).

But I miss the good ol' times of slipping into our own fantasy worlds and thinking through our own lil adventures, living them in our minds. That is cool, at least to me anyway. I'm not sure how many people will understand what I'm trying to say, but I guess it doesn't really matter in the end.

As Michael J himself once said, "I AM Peter Pan."

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